About us. Yvonne and Raul


Read on to learn our story.

Corbett Rides belongs to Yvonne Corbett and Raúl Pizales, and many more family and friends who are always helping, suggesting and without them the project would be impossible.

We all have come to Patagonia and been trapped by it’s mystery and beauty. Riding is a way to enjoy Patagonia, to visit the forests, sight the wild life and spend time with horses. If riding is not your sport, fishing the prisitine rivers, walking up a mountain path or rowing in the lake, or simply reading a book next to the lake under a tree offer fantástic oportunities to escape the city life and enjoy the beauty of nature.

We have been operating for more than 8 summers as partners, however we have all been involved in tourism, camping and working in the area for many years.

Our guides are experienced and have lived in the area for many years.

As to Raul Pizales, he is a specialist in trees and has lived in Patagonia for the last 33 years and is happy to share his knowledge of horses, trees, land, farming.

Yvonne Corbett brought up on an Estancia futher north in the pampas and has been working organizing rides and as a guide for the last 12 years in different areas of Patagonia.

Come Ride with us, Patagonia is waiting for your visit.

See you soon!

A friend says:

"Hemos disfrutado de una enriquecedora guía por la flora autóctona de San Martín, Lolog. Gracias Yvonne, su historia familiar y conocimientos de la naturaleza fue muy interesante. "

Manfred, Argentina, November 2014