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"The idea of this journey had been in my head for years, and finally I determined to make the attempt" A.F. Tschiffely

"PATAGONIA! who would ever think of going to such a place?…

…I decided upon Patagonia as the most suitable. Without doubt there are wild countries more favoured by Nature in many ways. But nowhere else are you so completely alone. Nowhere else is there an area of 100,00 square miles which you may gallop over, and where, whilst enjoying a healthy, bracing climate, you are safe from the persecutions of fevers, friends, savage tribes, obnoxious animals, telegrams, letters, and every other nuisance you are elsewhere liable to be exposed to. To these attractions was added the thought, always alluring to an active mind, that there too I should be able to penetrate into vast wilds, virgin as yet to the foot of man. Scenes of infinite beauty and grandeur might be lying hidden in the Silent solitude of the mountains which bound the barren plains of the Pampas”

Written by Lady Florence Dixie in her book Across Patagonia on her trip to Patagonia in 1878.